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Dominican Cakery!

Hi! My name is Melanie, I’m a Marketer that turned her hobby into a full-time business during the pandemic.

I went to FIU and graduated with a BBA in Marketing and International Business. Worked in Marketing for 4 years and although I loved what I did, a little before the pandemic started, I was already looking for something different and more flexible than my agency job. Like many others, my company laid most of the staff off without certainty of when or if they would hire us back. I saw that as my sign of starting my own thing, and along with my mom, decided to turn my hobby into my full-time business. By the time my boss tried to hire me back, I was already happy with my own little business! 

Let's Cake Together
We do dessert tables, cupcakes, Dominican sweets and custom cakes for any occasion! One taste of our cakes will take you back to childhood memories of driveway parties with the kids from the block.














How much advance notice do I need for a custom cake?

Almost always, a week’s notice is enough. But sometimes we can prepare a cake with less notice. Contact us and we’ll do our best to accommodate you!

Do you sell by the pound?

No. We’ve found this method to be confusing since “pounds” can vary from baker to baker. We don’t want you to pay for more cake than needed. We have had people asking for 2 pounds and only looking to feed 10 people. Thus our pricing method is by servings and decoration. 

When can I pick up my cake?

While your order is being confirmed we’ll go over the pick-up date and time. We’ll be sure your cake is ready for you by then.

Can I add a message?

Yes! On most cakes, we offer a complimentary cake topper! Just let us know your message and we’ll customize it. Just don’t go crazy with the message length.

What if I’d like a unique design on my cake?

We will make it happen. Check our social networks to see our latest works. If nothing there is what you are looking for you can send us an image of what you’d like (or the link to an image) by email or text and we’ll confirm if this is something we can do. In case it is not, we’ll send you options of something similar that we can actually do.

What about dietary restrictions?

Our cakes can be gluten and lactose-free. As for Vegan, not at this moment.

Are you an allergen-free kitchen?

No, we are not. Most cakes made by Dominican Cakery, LLC contain flour, eggs, dairy, and gluten and are made in an environment that handles nuts, soya, and dairy. Any allergies should be disclosed by the buyer. Gluten-free, dairy-free and nut-free can be made upon request but we cannot guarantee that the final product won’t contain traces of these ingredients. Customers must acknowledge the responsibility of informing guests of this allergy information and do not hold Dominican Cakery, LLC responsible for any allergic reactions.

Cancellations are accepted?

Eligible for a full refund if canceled at least 30 days before the scheduled delivery/pick-up date. 

Any cancellations within the 30 days delivery/pick-up window are not eligible for a refund. 

Do you make sugar-free cakes?

No, we unfortunately do not carry sugar-free cakes at this point.